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Why now?

Posted on January 09 2021

Why now?

As I sit in the overwhelm of all the unexpected and prepare to launch a program that I have visioned for over two years, I take a moment to reflect. Why now?  Why now when my plate is overflowing and no matter how planned ahead a launch is you always feel the scramble of last minute changes or challenges.  

I remember my life coach in one of our first few sessions calling me a single mom. It felt like he swore at me. I was offended and started to explain how my ex was such a great Dad and I have support. His questions that followed hit me hard. My reaction happened so fast that it wasn’t until after the call that I realized how much healing work I had to do. Layers of pain and shame had me staying silent and proud of how “well” we were handling the transition of our separation. When really I was in denial of how deeply torn I was going against my values and worrying about my children. 

I believe so many of us stay silent in our pain. Some come out to events, seek friendship support  and get inspired while others cope and put on a happy face daily. One that keeps others comfortable, not sharing too much. Staying within the appropriate surface level conversation. Denying yourself to ever really feel truly alive. 

My naturopath doctor “prescribed “ me a book called, “Broken open” as she was one of the few I confided in. I slowly received the permission to honour the feelings I could no longer ignore and awaken to my truths. The tools passionately crafted into one keepsake tool “My Life Planner” have continuously invited me to listen within. The conditions around me, good or bad, are considered and seen, but it is the power of the healthy habits instilled that strengthened my foundation. I know I have the tools, mindset and trust in myself to move forward and master the momentum that connects me to my soul’s purpose. 

I believe leadership is evolving and breaking away from titles and roles. There is an awakening to living with purpose. One of the most attractive energies is when you see someone shining bright in a space that makes them feel peace, belonging and connected to their true nature. 

We are all leaders of our lives. It is part of my calling to share these tools and now a 12 session course from my heart to yours that supports you honouring your journey. I have walked through trauma, entrepreneurship, big dreams and continued in the roller coaster of life’s experiences. I now separate from  the chaos and believe the transitions are guiding me to the next adventure.

With my eyes wide open,I live in gratitude and curiosity. I create my playground, and so do you. 

We are always healing and growing. Capture each divine experience that shapes you into who you are and release the pressure of having it all figured out. 

We have all been forced to live in uncertainty that felt completely out of our control in 2020. We may have experienced it differently but we were truly in it together. 

The greatest outcome I achieved in using these tools is no longer needing external validation or “fixing” everything that wasn’t feeling right. This is important because we can be greatly influenced, redirecting us away from the answers that are waiting to be heard within. When something doesn’t feel right it doesn’t always mean “Fix it”, you may need to let go. Life is filled with decisions and the actions we take after internal validation may not be easier but you will be living honestly. 

So why now? I had my two years to still and strengthen. I want to invite those ready to do the same. I am imperfect and living honestly, trusting the guidance within. Expanding weekly, connecting, listening to the wild dreams and desires in my heart. 

Come and play with me.

Your life is a gift. Craft a beautiful one. 

From my heart to yours,



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