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Turn Your Role Person into a Soul Person

Posted on December 15 2018

Turn Your Role Person into a Soul Person

A Role person is kind of like that never-ending to-do list you are writing everywhere from apps to sticky notes and the weekly lists that seem unattainable.

It is how we bring who we are and the qualities & skills we have to serve others. When our Roles are operated without our souls this is where a deep disconnect can happen.

Autopilot, groundhog day, being a victim.

Our joy is taken.

We can't understand our why beyond because we have to.

No one purposely tries to go here. It happens innocently over time and can be a deep rut to crawl out of.

When you think of your Roles how quickly can you get those on paper?

Daughter, Brother, Leader, Friend, Grandson, pet owner.

What if I asked you How do you show up in these roles? What improvements would you like to see? Do you want to keep this role?

When you can clearly see all the areas you contribute to in others' lives let's just click the delete button for a minute and play.

If you already have your planner, in the next section begins to describe when you feel most like yourself? What are you doing? What type of conversations or environment are you in? Add in a few things you have a desire to do but just haven't had the chance to yet. 

Now for the big empty page on the right.

Who am I?

You have already listed your roles so you can't use them.

If you said, "I am" - how would you finish that statement?

This is not an easy question for most.

Some great ways to explore yourself are through personality quizzes like Myers-Briggs and there are many others!

What is your numerology or horoscope?

What did you love as a kid? Your favorite color? Hobbies & talents? Why did you love these things?

What don't you like? Why?

How do you interact with people?

How do you make decisions?

What have been your biggest accomplishments? You got a degree: that takes hard work and dedication.

Or failures? What characteristics lead you there?

Consider the people you admire most. What do you admire about them? What qualities do they have that you wish you did? What values do they have? Those values are likely ones you wish you had, too.

What is most important to you? Ask yourself questions like what would you take with you if your house was on fire (besides family or pet)? What would you do to change the world? What makes you passionate?

What inspires you or makes you curious?

What quotes do you love?

What images would you have on your vision board?

When you journal what do you write about?

What kind of book would you write if you had the time?

What books excite you to read?

What skills do you have?

What would you do if money wasn't a concern? How would you spend your time?

These guide you to understanding your values.

Who you are personality-wise and the values you have to create the actions you take and how you put yourself out to the world.

Take the time to get to know yourself and appreciate the growth and changes that evolve as you experience life.


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