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The Magic of Intention

Posted on January 24 2020

The Magic of Intention


Do you believe in Magic?  


Would you question me if I told you that “You are Magic” and that being a magical soul, you can practice magic at any time.  Now, when I say practice, I mean one must put time, energy and effort into something if they want to be good at it.  It is said that, energy flows where energy goes.  


I believe we are capable of all sorts of magic, but what I want to share with you here is a little bit about the magic of getting clear on what you want…the magic of intention.


Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.


For so long I had many expectations and demands of the universe and questioned why things weren’t quite going my way.  My inability to get clear was really holding me back and it became confusing for everyone, universe included.  Finding the power to tune into what you truly want and resisting controlling the outcome, is a fine art.  However, once in this groove the possibilities of manifesting your dreams are endless.  Whether your dream is to make more money, attract meaningful partnerships, achieve a spiritual awakening or to simply fall in love, keep the faith that all of this is possible.  But only if it is actually what you desire at a soul level.  Trust then that the universe will provide for you all that you desire and more.  You must have a sense of humor though.  The universe has a way of sending gifts along with challenging lessons.  One must keep a light heart and an open mind.  Have faith and trust in the process.  These lessons are necessary as they are preparing us for the very thing we asked for.  Tricky, I know.


How does one get clear on what they want?  Now I am no guru at setting intentions, but I have found a process that works for me and I am happy to share it with you.  I would suggestcarving out some time for yourself to get comfortable with these practices.  Intention is the starting point of every dream.  The creative process is just as important as the fire and action which fuels the dream.   Like yin and yang, it is a balancing act of grace and grit.


1. Get Still ~ set aside 30 minutes to an hour each day.  Find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths.  Begin by asking a question.  For example, if it is love you are looking for you would ask “What is it I truly want in a loving partner and relationship?”.  Or if it is a spiritual awakening then you might ask“How can I feel more connected to my higher self” Observe your thoughts and try to not attach to anything, just observe.  You can start to sift through the fearful thoughts and doubts that creep in.  Fear is a beast and puts an end to all creation.  I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s so true.  Once we have cleared all of the low vibrational gunk away, we can plug into and land safely in a place in our hearts where dreams are made.  That place beyond the ego-mind and into the stillness of your consciousness.  Trust anything that comes up here.  It may be symbols, words, concepts or just a feeling.  Continue to practice this until you feel connected to your intention.


2. Feel into It and Visualize~ when manifesting an intention, there is nothing more powerful than stepping into the energy of the vision of your intention.  Feel what it feels like to be in a loving relationship or the perfect career.  What are you wearing, what do you see, what can you smell?  Call on all of your senses to really feel into your surroundings.  Your body and brain will experience this on a molecular level.  According to your brain and body, this is already so.


3. Release It ~now that you are clear on what it is that you desire and can feel what it feels like to be living that desire, you must release it to the universe.  Let go of any attachment to how it may come to you.  Let go of the attachment around the outcome and be open to seeing all the gifts along the way.  Enjoy the process of building your dreams.  What is more beautiful than that?



4. Trust ~you can trust that there will be challenging times and you will want to give up.  You will be presented with challenges that will make you ask yourself “how bad do you want this?” “are you really ready for this” but on the same coin you can trust that what is aligned with you and your purpose will come to you in the time it is meant to.  Trust that you are worthy of all the beautiful things this crazy life has to offer.


5. Gratitude ~to be grateful for your own existence is the highest form of gratitude.  So, begin there.  Gratitude is the easiest and most difficult skill to acquire.  However,once this becomes part of your daily practice, the significant impact on your health and wellbeing makes the effort worthwhile.  It almost takes no effort to be grateful for all of the amazing things in our lives.  Where it becomes a struggle is when life sends you setbacks, difficult personalities and disappointments.  This is a reality in life, but can we find gratitude here? Can we find a place in our hearts to see the lesson, the opportunity to grow?  There is a mirror in all people and situations.  Often when we are triggered, it is just another opportunity to heal something within ourselves.  Heal yourself, and you heal the collective.


By incorporating these practices into your life,you will notice a shift in your overall happiness.  Be consistent.  Stick with it and be gentle with yourself.  Give yourself the time and space to learn and grow.  It is helpful for me to think of my intention setting as a ritual.  When we create a ritual around something, it becomes sacred.  


My wish is that whoever is taking time to read this, knows the power they hold in creating and living their best life.  I also wish that your life is rich with love.  Love is everything, so love yourself deeply and everyone who is meaningful to you.  Love without conditions or expectations.  Love and then love some more.


Lotsa Love,

Amber Richards

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  • Jess Charbonneau: March 17, 2020

    You are truly a beautiful soul inside and out. Honestly have me believing I was intended to find(meet) you so that I could read this?!?! That’s some straight up crazy manifestation shit going on right there! Thanks for making what may seem little…. But HUGE impact in my life. Yoga included. Blessed be, namaste, mucho tenada xox

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