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Who is the My Life Planner for?

My Life Planner was designed for everyone who is looking for personal and professional growth.

You deserve to all your dreams come true. This guided planner is perfect for entrepreneurs  (especially those with multiple companies), working parents, corporate office teams, students and those looking for a keepsake journal ,ready to unleash their full potential.

My Life Planner is an inspirational organizer that connects all of the criteria of your life and make you focus on what matters the most. My goal is to make your life full of purpose and passion while positively impacting your mental health with daily and weekly reflections. 

An Invitation to Still and Strengthen Your Foundation.

In light of the challenges our communities are facing, we want to take the time to invite you to go within by offering our 2020 collection on sale. 

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My Life Planner is a life enhancing tool that fuels self connection, healthy rituals, and intentional actions. Bring out adventure and play and be unexpected as you attract all the incredible gifts life has to offer. 

Capture your gratitude and creativity. Invite productivity and purpose. 

Gain clarity from the desires within embracing the practice of pen to paper.

Start your keepsake today.

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JMS & MLP Collaboration

JMS Platinum Edition Products available now Soul Edition Planner, the Soul Edition Journal, and the Leadership Edition Planner.

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