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Candyce Bakke is a high-performing entrepreneur who has pioneered multiple sustainable businesses with engaged teams who take ownership of their individual and team successes. Candyce’s unique approach to leadership is built on nearly two decades of experience, a deep investment in herself, building tools to support her teams, and a tenacity to triumph over tragedy and setback.

Strong values and a passion to embrace the gift of life inspired Candyce Bakke to build and revitalize Saskatchewan’s creative industries. She has blazed entrepreneurial trails with a solid track record of investing in people, supporting communities, and advancing an industry she loves.

Life is full of unexpected challenges, and how we move through them deeply impacts our healing. Candyce Bakke's story is one of resilience. 1 in 5 women experience some form of abuse in their intimate relationships. Police report that women aged 15-24 present the highest rates of dating violence. Saskatchewan still has the highest rate of intimate partner violence in Canada.

“My experience was in 2006. I was 22 years old. I became a statistic.”

Candyce has created many tools over the years that have supported her to enhance the mindset she needed to move forward defying the odds that could have held her back.

She has a passion to create memorable experiences through speaking, workshops and sharing My Life Planner & My Life journal with Leadership teams, those working through healing journeys & youth.


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