; The Mindset Marathon – My Life Planner

If an opportunity knocked today would you be ready for it?

If life threw you unexpected challenges and your support system was down to just you, how would you handle it?

How do the conditions around you impact your day to day?

How do you impact others?


Introducing The Mindset Marathon 

Now inviting those who are ready to accept the challenge and commit to rising. This is your opportunity to strengthen your foundation and sustain healthy habits, despite setbacks. 

With virtual demand being high and diverse schedules/lifestyles to support, we have modified our program to be customized to you. 

  • Start the first Monday of any month with a personal launch session in person or virtual. 
  • Receive your undated planner and journal of choice.
  • Start your self guided weekly emails to learn your foundational tools.
  • 3 additional personalized planning sessions.



  • Join Monday - Friday 6am virtual fitness classes (4 weeks)
  • Receive a personalized keepsake upon completion from DBL designs
  • EXCLUSIVE rate of $297.00 when you commit to the MINDSET MARATHON 
  • That is only $99/month to finish 2021 strong and Flow into the new year. 
  • A planning session and a virtual workouts would be $225.00/month alone!

Your Investment: $297

Our first intake starts this Monday November 1st


If you are not ready to interrupt negative patterns that hold you back from reaching your full potential, then it is not the right time yet. Extreme disruption may occur. Feelings will be explored, movement will be made, and no attendee will be left unchanged.

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