WHAT'S INSIDE? – My Life Planner


My Life Planner is your own universe where you can take off from the busy routine and let it flow. It is a place for all your thoughts and planning. It will help you to step back and break down your long-term goals into achievable every-day little wins.Β 

It is your personal life coach that will make you focus on what is important!

2019 VersionΒ 


Each month you start by exploring your personal Β professional areas of growth and what is most important for you to execute or experience. You have space each week to brainstorm & Journal all the creativity or captured moments as they come to life. To complete each month a one page reflection offers you time to share gratitude and celebrate your wins.

Additional tools like:

  • Annual meeting log- can be used for connections with friends, leadership teams, coaching or anything important to you

  • Coaching Questions - to use for yourself when you are needing a push or as a guide to support others

  • Problem Solving tools- No more overwhelm with challenges or opportunities! This template will guide you, your team or family through a process that brings a clear & decisive vision ready to Execute,Educate, Entertain & Empower!

  • Budget outline/Tracking- You have never seen a budget look so good! Get to know your cashflow reality and stay accountable to your spending habits.

  • Social media tracking- Each month take a minute to record your following and reflect on what actions you have taken to influence the change

  • Inspirational quotes- For those days where you need words of wisdom

  • Journal at the back- Some extra space to reflect or take notes when you need it.

Most importantly it is a keepsake for you to always remember how this year shaped you into who you are today.