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Building Momentum with Morning Rituals

Posted on October 14 2019

Morning Rituals

Life is a gift, and building daily rituals can help you celebrate that gift to the fullest.

Candyce Fiessel, the creator and founder of My Life Planner, started committing to regular rituals in October of 2016, and since that time she has felt more grounded, focused, stronger, and in control of her daily schedule.

Before morning rituals became a sacred part of her day Candyce was feeling defeated about the things she wanted. An entrepreneur with a full schedule, two small children and staff who needed her, her agenda was constantly catering to others. She could not live her life the same as before children, and was getting frustrated with her own story:

“I can’t get to the gym! I don’t have time!”

The concept of building rituals came up for Candyce at a professional development seminar. She felt inspired to take a few minutes in her morning to put herself first.

Leading with soul, Candyce starts her day every morning with a smile. She gives gratitude, forgiveness, and sets intentions. This is followed by a series of exercises and setting priorities.

Before long, Candyce’s feeling of defeat was exchanged for one of feeling in control and building momentum for the days she wanted to execute. She felt more joy, focus, and freedom. Her body began to change and she felt more stability and strength.

A powerful learning we can take from her story is that no matter how life evolves and changes, we can build focus on our day. We can build routines. We can steal away sacred time - for us alone.

Another benefit Candyce discusses when it comes to building rituals is the self-awareness that arises.

“When I do my rituals I already feel like I have won my day. I commit to how I want to show up and I am not falling into feelings. I am not reactive - I am showing up by choice.”

Since having the opportunity to connect more closely with Candyce, I have also experienced the power of ritual. I remember having these in my past but as I became a mother and went through a major transition in my own life I feel like I am finding my legs again. I have experimented with Candyce’s ritual and with my own from the past. I’ve also been experimenting with different rituals I want to try. The important thing I am learning is how good I feel when I take the morning to live with intention.

Candyce encourages experimenting, too.

“I am always asking people what they do in their rituals, and I try adding it to my own.”

Listening to podcasts, opening conversations, and learning from others are ways Candyce experiments with adding to her day. She has added breathwork to her mornings and depending on what she needs to access within herself that day, she will alternate parts of her rituals.

“I can’t imagine my day without it.”

When she travels, she involves other people as well. I witnessed this first hand when we were in Thailand and she involved me in her exercises. Just last week while on a learning trip in one of her businesses, she opened the conversation on gratitude, forgiveness and intention which opened up a level of community and intimacy with her partners that allowed for sharing in connection.

If you are building your rituals, Candyce would encourage you to make it simple, practical, and build it as you go. Whatever time of day you choose to execute a ritual, make sure that it is a time that you can consistently commit to.

What stories are you telling yourself about your day, the way you are showing up in the world, or what you “can’t” make time for? Can some of these stories be in your rituals? We want to know. Alternatively, do you have a ritual already that you have found powerful? We want to know about that too!

Celebrate and share your rituals. #MyLifeIsAGift

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