; Momentum: The impact of My Life Planner on my life

Momentum: The impact of My Life Planner on my life

Posted on July 01 2019

Momentum: The impact of My Life Planner on my life

We are halfway through 2019! Today I am reflecting on the impact My Life Planner has made in my own life over the last 6 months and I can honestly say this tool has been my best accountability partner! It has reminded me daily to capture my ideas and let them flow. To set intentions and stay focused on the outcomes I desire. Distractions happen daily but have lost their power.  Most of all my connection to myself and others has been enhanced and I take the time to reflect and celebrate my wins.

Our leadership teams tackle the areas of growth with a one-month timeframe to execute and follow up, we are conquering tasks with clarity of who owns it and massive action.

I have set clear boundaries with my time and have scheduled more recharge time. I have initiated new connections with mentors, family functions, community events, travel and am experiencing the adventures of variety. I am ok when what I plan doesn't get to roll out, it's an opportunity to see any lessons or communication needed and get it back into the books. 

I love my alter egos and how I have accepted their diversity & everything each character teaches me. They serve such a huge part in my self-awareness and that I get to choose how I want to be received and what energy I offer those around me.

My rituals each morning have saved me from wanting to go into the shadows of self-doubt, shame or blame and appreciate the journey I am on through acceptance, forgiveness & gratitude. I am constantly creating and have the most incredible visions coming as I connect to my purpose often. I have elevated beyond what I thought my potential could be and truly believe I can achieve these wild dreams being placed in my heart. 

The outcome and why are so clear I cannot make it happen.

I share the great habits My Life Planner has helped me form, but without follow-through, a and constant commitment the pressure and uncertainty of life today could have easily taken control.

It has been 13 years of living with a brain injury and I just recently found resources online of others who have shared their stories; where I find a sense of belonging and understanding. I used to struggle in silence every day. I hold my breathe with every little task that takes concentration forgetting to breathe, trust me I want this to not be true and self-awareness helps but my brain has new ways of getting the job done. My triggers from PTSD are everywhere and I have a great ritual of self-talk through my fight/flight responses that have me appear completely calm (most times). I don't want to hide anymore. Finding independence again and constantly asking for help was a lot on my ego. Becoming a mother of two boys 16 months apart rocked my world as an entrepreneur.

The creation of My Life Planner came from my desperation to have memory triggers, reminders to play and have fun in my downtime, lead and create incredible experiences. Life is a blessing & a gift that I want to truly capture all it has to offer. 

I committed to self-counsel in the last 6 months, away from coaches, consultants, counselors so that I could exercise and live the teachings I have invested in and learned.

I am not suggesting to do this,(I am a huge supporter of ALL) it is a challenge I felt called to do for this project. Managing this year's challenges without a neutral outside professional has been one of the most challenging experiences forcing me to dig deep and go within. I have taken more time to be alone and just sit with the stirring in my soul to grasp how I can appreciate the guidance or opportunities in each moment. My Mantra "I've got this".

Putting momentum, self-awareness, vulnerability, humility and most importantly honesty into daily practice has me interrupting patterns that I had gotten comfortable with. I am more aware of what peace and calm feel like, although I am nowhere near mastery, I am excited about the growth I have experienced. I love bringing my playful energy into each day expressing gratitude for the gift of life.

It feels like I am just getting started!

I am eager to hear back from everyone who embarked on the journey of using My Life Planner as a tool for finding your passions & purpose while living with intention in your personal & professional lives.

If you were gifted a planner and would like to share your experiences, shifts, celebrations or feedback- please click the link or email us at info@mylifeplanner.ca to share with us!

I am beyond excited for the new products coming out and the opportunity to continue to share the tools that have significantly impacted my life. I have committed to focusing my time on new products and the development of presentations for youth, healing from trauma and entrepreneurship.

I will be speaking in Regina at Path Cowork July 31st from 12:00-1:00 for WESK- Business growth luncheon sharing my personal journey as well as the tools I use to keep positive momentum in my life.

Ticket information here:


 I look forward to sharing more upcoming opportunities to connect.

Yours in Gratitude,



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