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From my heart to yours

Posted on November 22 2018

From my heart to yours

Have you ever had a passion project simmering inside you?  I have.

I know firsthand that passion, dreams and goals can feel very overwhelming and sometimes we struggle with where to start.  The journey there is full of twists and turns and there are many times we will feel like giving up. But if there is one thing I have learned in my life, it is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to keep going.


Welcome to “My Life Planner” — a life-changing tool to help others achieve success both personally and professionally. I’ve had incredible exposure to leadership development, seminars, mentors, coaches, consultants and my own healing journey that have empowered me to lead my life with courage and passion. Managing my time and capturing my ideas is vital to my productivity and watching my dreams come to life.  I’ve used different planners in the past and felt there was opportunity to empower entrepreneurs, working parents, corporate office teams and those looking for a keepsake journal, ready to unleash their full potential. For those who are courageous and determined to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Why is this life planner so important to me?

At 21, my life was on track for a very successful future as a hairstylist and salon owner.  Despite struggles with my self-esteem as a young girl, I had grown into a budding entrepreneur who was recognized by the Chambers of Commerce as Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee in my first eight month of business.

A few days later, I woke up in a hospital unable to eat, walk, talk or see.

I had been severely harmed by my fiance at the time.  A man who I never dreamed or imagine would hurt me.

My world got turned upside down.  

I suffered from many seizures and a central stroke due to lack of oxygen to the brain.

I was lost. I had no control over my body. I had no memory of the trauma. My family told me it was Sunday every day or I would try to get up and go back to work.

This is where my real journey began.

I began to value team spirit in every aspect of my life. So many beautiful kind souls surround me.

I truly felt the power of prayer and the strength of my faith.

God had more planned for me.

The road to recovery was, and still is, a long journey. Both emotionally and physically. Physio was challenging to say the least. I will never forget the day they tried to make me butter bread.

In small talk, they asked if there was anything else I wanted to do with my career. This glimpse of doubt that I may never do hair again ignited a fire inside me. My journey had an unexpected twist in it. But this is where that grit and determination to overcome kicks in.

I quit physio to do Pilates to strengthen my core. Then I joined a fitness centre for extreme athletes. They kicked my ass.

With hard work, a girl who "couldn't walk” ended up doing squats on a upside down bosu ball. Buttering bread is still not graceful 12 years later though!


The passion I had to get back to serving my guests doing what I love in the salon was my healing strength. I also learned a lot about how precious life is and the gifts we are blessed with each day.

I offered my FORGIVENESS to my ex to focus on my own healing. I had to let the ANGER go and accept my new path.


This experience altered how I looked at being an entrepreneur and I began the path of working SMARTER not HARDER and embraced my soul’s calling to give back to my community.

I started to diversify my portfolio, adding real estate/rental properties, going to personal development programs like Leadership for Managers Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, travelling, hosting fundraisers for women’s shelters, Rehab Centres and, my most treasured experience, became a big sister through YWCA.

And that drive has continued to carry forward in new and exciting ways. In 2012, myself and two co-founders launched Saskatchewan Fashion Week alongside a powerful committee. This movement has drastically improved the support and collaboration of creatives,  fostering enhanced entrepreneurship.

In 2013, my Uncle and I purchased a Beauty College that was established in 1962 with a vision to raise our industry standards through personal and professional education.

In January 2015, we relocated and rebranded and went from offering 5 educational programs to over 30, maximizing our graduates’ earning potential.

In those two years, I also had two healthy baby boys!

Can you imagine if I listened to the doubt and believed I couldn’t continue in the industry I love so much?

What if I stayed a victim?


How different my life would be...

I am forever grateful that God kept me on this earth. I have experienced a tremendous spiritual journey that has made me want to give back to the community, youth and those struggling through setbacks in their own lives.

My trauma has never defined me

My light is bright.

But I wouldn’t be honest if I said I sparkle all the time. What I do know is I have exercised a muscle to learn how to bring myself back to shine.

When my light is shining, I also help others shine a little brighter,

and that is a gift.


Our current life is drastically shaped by our past experiences. Especially the ones that are buried, ignored, painful and easier left unspoken.

No one knows what happens behind your closed doors. Whether it is your home life or the gates to your soul. You have the power to be present and conquer the opportunities and challenges presenting themselves. Having tools to guide you is significant to gain the clarity you need to recognize what lesson you are learning or the insight to honour a calling and spread your knowledge, joy and light.

We all have stories and our own traumas or pain to overcome.  

What has your story been? Who were you then? Who are you today? What tools do you use everyday that empower you to unleash the gifts you uniquely have?

Is your fire lit?

Are there truths you know in your heart that need to change?

Are you on auto pilot? Just coasting through, accepting your current life as enough?

I have learned through vulnerability that I not only heal myself but can support the growth and healing of others. It takes strength to build healthy rituals and snap yourself out of triggers, with constant exploration of personal growth.

When you become AWARE, you ignite your power to live on purpose.

Life throws us in many directions that can put us into a state we don’t desire. The rituals you design with  “My Life Planner” will transform your connection to yourself and others.

I hope this tool can enhance your life as much as it has mine.  This is my passion.

I want to leave you with this Quero Apache Prayer:

Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.

Looking forward I am filled with vision.

Looking upwards I am filled with strength.

Looking within I discover peace.


From my  heart to yours,


Candyce Fiessel My Life Planner Creator


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