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SYF Session 3 "Role person to soul person, Exploding Vision & clarity, Exploring all of me" Fillable Workbook


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      Welcome to our playground!

      Navigating to understand who you are as a soul connects you to your purpose. Whenever I feel shaken I now just need to say the purpose of my life out loud and I can come to clarity. It took me hours of writing on a large blank sheet of paper words that light me up and experiences that mean the most to me to get it to the point where I felt certain that in all I do this is my truth. 

      “The purpose of life is being a force for good connecting through love and compassion while enjoying life’s gifts and creating memorable experiences”

      When I know I am not grounded or in a reactive state I ask myself “How can I appreciate even more of the guidance I am receiving at this moment?”

      My favorite mantras are;

      • Think & judge less, PLAY MORE! 
      • Trade expectations for appreciation.
      • Value the worthy opponent who helps you grow.

      It is important to explore how you gain a connection to your soulful self and when you are getting stuck in ego or a role defined with conditioned expectations instead of your authentic nature. 

      A Role person is kind of like that never-ending to-do list you are writing everywhere from apps to sticky notes and the weekly lists that seem unattainable.

      It is how we bring who we are and the qualities & skills we have to serve others. When our Roles are operated without our souls this is where a deep disconnect can happen.

      We can't understand our why beyond because we have to.
      No one purposely tries to go here. It happens innocently over time and can be a deep rut to crawl out of.