; SYF Session 5 "Manifest your dreams, Building healthy rituals, Improve – My Life Planner

SYF Session 5 "Manifest your dreams, Building healthy rituals, Improvement plan for what is in your control" Fillable Workbook


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      Welcome to our playground!

      Are your belief systems holding you back? Do you see small tasks as quick and easy to achieve and visualize thebig dreams as something that will be hard and take a long time? What if you just surrendered the how and when to achieve and let yourself go for it all? How would this enhance the opportunities you see for yourself both personally and professionally?

      Are you waiting for permission, an invitation, or for others to believe and support you? Start with the small changes today. The approval and commitment within launches you forward far before others will see it in you. Choose to see you. Believe in you.

      Let's play and see what comes up for you that you want to create, attract and achieve in the next 12 months. Trust the invitations are already planned for you and you have your eyes and ears open to take action when presented. Expect it. Be in the energy that has already achieved these desired outcomes. They already exist. 

      How are your habits with follow through? Identify your daily habits in this session and track your progress. It's time to make changes. No more exceptions