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SYF Session 8 "Soul Journaling" Fillable Workbook


  • Product Description

      What is your relationship to journaling? Are you reserved in writing out your truths? Do you fear someone will find it? Don’t let that hold you back, find a sacred space. There are no rules to journaling or right and wrong to how often you practice this skill. Your heart will know when you need it. 

      Why is it important to journal?
      • Track progress and growth emotionally, physically and spiritually
      • Reduce stress and anxiety by expressing yourself openly 
      • Gain self-confidence by getting to know that inner voice
      • Improve writing and communication skills as you explore storytelling or imagination, poetry and scripture
      • Find inspiration by brainstorming 
      • Strengthen memory.
      • Explore the many different types of journaling.

      A journal can be a valuable tool to track important life decisions. It's a natural chronological record of your progress and can allow you to remember the reasons behind your decision-making for important life events.

      Mindfulness is a practice. Being in this exact moment and capturing everything you see, feel, hear, smell, taste can support you to express yourself in new ways and have a stronger connection to yourself and the beauty you are surrounded by.

      Our planners have space for you to capture some of this process especially our Flow collection with additional space but we do recommend our soul journals for a sacred keepsake tucked safely beside your bed. Play with some of the tools attached to see why!