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SYF Session 7 "Personal Areas of Growth, Professional Areas of Growth," Fillable Workbook


  • Product Description

      What will you make happen this month!

      Every single month you have the opportunity to bring action to the outcomes you desire. First you will fill your cup through navigating personal growth needs that will keep you recharged to support achieving your professional goals. 
      These tools will serve as valued templates to open up discussion and learn about those most important to your growth in all areas of your life. Invite them into this playground to have meaningful discussions and accountability tools. Have a routine monthly date to revisit last month's areas and celebrate achievements and identify the unfinished.

      You can just make this your sacred space for you and when you have gained momentum yourself entertain the idea of sharing. We all thrive off different experiences that fuel us with fulfillment and motivation. 
      Plant a seed in each box and identify the overflowing boxes from the more empty boxes. When working with a team choose who owns the outcome of each area. 
      Weekly check in’s or “momentum” meetings that are 15minutes will support focus and follow through. 

      This is not about creating more to do, it’s choosing an enhanced way of living.