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SYF Session 1 "Welcome to our playground" Fillable Workbook


  • Product Description

      Welcome to our playground!

      Welcome to our playground and thank you for purchasing My Life Planner. This life-enhancing tool is your invitation to experience life’s gifts from a new space where you plan for joy, fulfillment, growth, and adventure. 

      This keepsake will capture your progress throughout the year amongst intention, reflections, and of course the action you take as you connect within. Commit and follow through to the simple habits you establish in the foundation tools. In turn, this will have you connected to your purpose and the journey you are in both personally and professionally. 

      It is time to get outside of your box, those lines, the rigid “should’s’ and ignite a magnetic pull towards uncertainty, adventure, and living in alignment to your truths. To truly be held accountable and move through change so you don’t get stuck, honesty brings you to freedom.