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Leadership Edition Planner • Black Onyx

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  • Product Description

      My Life Planner: Leadership Edition has come to life!

      12 Month Undated Planner


      Includes a vertical weekly planning system, a sleek design for travel, and is undated to start at any time of the year... or pick up where you left off.

      Our vegan leather and casebound design (7 x 10) makes it easy for you to stay organized with both your personal and professional life all in one place.

      Strategic new tools enhance team or solo performance and accountability with monthly personal and professional areas of growth.

      Quarterly performance, and worksheets prompts you to ask why and celebrate milestones. Set goals and plan your priorities in your next quarters.

      Explode your leadership potential and clarify strategy for your team. The monthly tools synchronize communication and track your detailed progress. Decode your offerings vs wins.


    • 7.25 X 10.25
    • 288 Greyscale Pages
    • Eco-Friendly Materials
    • World-Class Tools
    • Caswbound, lay flat design
    • Deluxe recycled paper


          • Self-assess, reflect, and celebrate
          • Create an annual reflection
          • Connect to your vision with clarity
          • Manifest your year
          • Set morning, daily, and evening rituals
          • Create an ideal week
          • Uncover the MLP Lead Process
          • Explore growth 
          • Log important meetings
          • Forecast your free time
          • Establish quarterly targets
          • Examine what worked (or what did not) and why
          • Give recognition and gratitude. Celebrate!
          • Set priorities for the next quarter
          • Observe larger-scale growth



          • See your month in overview
          • Track social progress and targets systematically
          • Plan up to 5 undated weeks per month
          • Take inspiration from carefully curated quotes
          • Make your own important notes throughout
          • Set intentions and reflect on areas of growth
          • Pause to reflect on the past monthly



          • See each week in a vertical layout
          • Block each day: hourly, and semi-hourly
          • Respond to thought-provoking questions
          • Set your top priorities
          • Record your gratitude
          • Take notes in wide margins
          • Keep track in the flexible daily tracking space


        • FLOW JOURNAL

          • Keep notes, reflections, and explorations together in one accessible space